In order to adopt from Tallgrass Rattery I ask that you read a little about the species that you are interested in adopting. At the bottom of each information page (linked below) is an Adoption Questionnaire specific to the species you wish to adopt. If you wish to adopt more than one species, then please fill out the form for each species. This helps me keep all my adopter information nice and tidy!  You can also subscribe to the newsletter below for each species that you are interested in and you will receive emails when new litters are available.

Thank you for your interest in TGR!




We value your privacy and will never share your email. We also promise not to spam you. You will receive one welcome email and one email for each litter that is available for the species you select. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Adoption Checklist:

Before you pick up your animals you must:
1. Fill out Adoption Questionnaire for your species
2. If you put Facebook Messenger as your preferred method of contact, message me so I know I’m talking to the right person.
3. We will chat a little about your application, get pictures as needed of setup.
4. You will be put on an approved adopters list and be able to reserve animals.
5. Reserve your animal! This requires a 50% nonrefundable down-payment on anything over $20 with the other 50% due on pickup.
6. Print out, read, and sign my Adoption Contract.

When you come to pick up your animals bring:
1. Signed Adoption Contract
2. Travel cage – if you would like me to make you a small bin cage for traveling you must let me know. They can be bought alone, or in the Adopter’s Starter Pack.

Adopter's Starter Pack:

Optional starter pack that will get you everything you need for your new critters! Includes:
1. Bin cage for permanent housing (110qt)
2. Smaller bin cage for travel (15qt)
3. One plastic water bottle 
4. One store-bought plastic hide
5. One homemade toy
6. For mice: one recycled hide/tube/extra fun thing

All this for $60! All adopters will also receive 1-2 pounds of free food (depending on how many animals are bought) to help transition to new food. If you would like to purchase the travel bin separately it is $15, and the larger housing bin is $30.